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Blue Creek Insurance Company Ltd. (BCIC) is the newly established General Insurance Company entering Belize’s Insurance and Sureties (Bonds) market. 

BCIC’s goals is to provide insurance coverage and bonds for the protection of all classes of businesses in Belize.

BCIC executives are professionals with extensive experience in different fields, from business development and administration to construction of large infrastructure projects with international funding.   With this backing and expertise, BCIC guarantees in-depth risk assessment and generation of fair, affordable rates for:

  • Insurance Coverage (Contractor´s All Risk, Employer´s Liability)
  • Insurance Coverage (Motor, Property, Marine, Cargo, etc.)
  • Bonds (Performance, Advance Payment, Bid Securities) for medium and large contractors in Belize. 
blue creek insurance

Your insurance company for the Digital Age

blue creek insurance

Blue Creek Insurance Company Ltd. understands that people are interested in four things:

We plan to build on these principles and apply a modern approach to today’s consumer. We intend to simplify the process of estimating, buying and maintaining all your insurance coverage needs.

Our main focus is to make insurance easy, quick, and hassle-free. We’re here to connect consumers and insurance products, without the typical challenges.

Our Vision

To be the most prolific, prominent, and efficient general insurance entity in the industry by providing a unique and diverse product mix to our policyholders whilst simultaneously creating a positive impact in our community.

Our Mission

Blue Creek Insurance Company Ltd. strives to offer its policyholders a comprehensive and wide array of general insurance products, to protect them from life’s uncertainties and prepare them for the future.

We will ensure that our policyholders are always treated with the courtesy and care that they rightfully deserve.

Furthermore, we graciously honour the opportunity to serve each of them. By remaining innovative, vigilant and proactive, we will continuously provide top quality insurance products and services to our customers on a consistent basis.

Board of Directors

Gustavo D. Pereyra

Chairman of the Board

Business Administrator with over 35 years of experience in Project Integration, Development & Management

Peter Teichroeb


General Contractor specialized in Public Works with International Funding

Cornie Teichroeb


General Contractor specialized in Public Works with International Funding

David Blatz


General Contractor specialized in Public Works with International Funding

Executive Director

Gustavo D. Pereyra

Managing partner

Underwriting Team

Jemel Williams

Underwriting Manager


Toni Cruz

Customer Service Representative


Manolo Romero

Compliance Officer


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