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Cash in Transit Insurance

What is Cash in transit insurance?

Cash in Transit, Money in Transit, Insurance means cash, cheques, notes, postal notes, post office money orders, stamps, credit cards, sales vouchers, instant lottery tickets, bus or transport tickets, telephone credit cards, or franking machines credits only are all included. 

It protects the insured against the risk associated with transporting cash from one location to another. 

Cash in Transit is an All Risks policy covering money, up to the insured’s given limits including: 

  • In transit to or from the bank
  • In the insured’s premises outside safe/strong during office hours
  • In the insured’s premises in a locked safe/strong room after office hours
  • In the hands of authorized officials e.g. salesmen, directors, messenger
  • Loss or damage to a safe 

How to get Cash in Transit Insurance

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  • Certificate of Registration 
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • 2 forms of identification of all shareholders, directors, and owners
  • Proof of address of the company
  • Copy of any stand form contract pursuant to which you do business with your customers
  • Copy of the company procedures manual, detailing personnel training, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle check procedures

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