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Employer’s Liability

What is an Employer's Liability Coverage?

The employer is covered for any sum they may be legally liable to pay to any employee in respect of injury, disease, illness or death caused during employment while at work. For example,

  • Accidents caused by work equipment
  • Accidents related to personal protective equipment
  • Accidents caused by the workplace environment
  • Construction accidents

What does it cover?

Employers’ liability will cover medical expenses for injuries sustained in a work-related accident. Covered expenses include lost wages, disability coverage, and support payments to dependents. 

Additionally, the employer’s liability will cover funeral expenses if the injured employee dies, the claimant’s costs and expenses associated with the claim, as well as legal costs incurred by the insured while defending the claim.

How much cover do I need?

A minimum of at least BZ$250,000.00 is recommended and in practice, most insurers offer cover of at least BZ$1,000,000.00. 

BCIC can help you look at the risks and liabilities your business faces and recommend how much coverage you need.

Employer's Liability Insurance coverage

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